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12th Planet

Fellow DTLA resident, 12th Planet is one of the original dawgs that embarked on this adventure with us. 12th Planet aka John Dadzie is the electronic music pioneer whose off-axis beats and subsonic frequencies orbit on the forefront of global bass culture. Recently named “Los Angeles’ dubstep God” by Rolling Stone, 12th and his influential label SMOG Records are widely credited for bringing the British movement stateside, and continue to be a crucial force in the evolution of electronic music. We hear that he even celebrates Boxing Day. 12th Planet’s DJ sets now include a myriad of styles that reflect the current diverse landscape of EDM music, and continue to display his role as an essential tastemaker in the dance music world. His heavy bass infused DJ set is no longer classifiable by genre, but best dubbed “a trip to the 12th Planet and back.” His newly redesigned webstore embodies all things 12th related. In this instance, good things happen in twelves y’all. [ Art Direction ] [ Cut & Sew Production ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]


Twenty-two year old progressive house mastermind Justin Blau has not only brought people happiness, but schools as well. While on tour his first tour, he had raised twenty-five thousand dollars for much needed schools and materials in Guatemala, and most recently, raised another ten thousand dollars to fund a second school. When 3Lau is not saving the world, he is constantly edging towards the top of electronic music in hopes of being able to do more both as a human being and a dj. His aspirations inspire and build a better community and we here at Church of Merch are ecstatic to have him join our mission. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]


Grammy Award winner Beck is an artist who’s music has been at the epicenter of inspiration for fellow musicians and fans spanning decades. With a pop art collage of musical styles, oblique and ironic lyrics, and postmodern arrangements incorporating samples, drum machines, live instrumentation and sound effects, Beck has been hailed by critics and the public throughout his musical career as being amongst the most creative and idiosyncratic musicians of 1990s and 2000s alternative rock. His line of merchandise which we have developed is a reflection of this. Exciting things to follow in terms of Beck’s upcoming album release in February, and a with headline spot at the Coachella music festival expect new products to compliment both. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ]

Bingo Players

Hailing from The Netherlands, Paul Baümer & Maarten Hoogstraten have fused their musical talents into the massive electronic dance duo Bingo Players. The two Dutch DJs have created an international reputation through epic releases and a massive touring schedule. Hysteria is Bingo Players’ label that is home to their hits Rattle, Cry (Just A Little), Out Of My Mind, L’Amour, Mode and many more. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  

Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke is one of the newer additions to the Church of Merch family, who along with his dirtybird flock, was welcomed with open arms. The American house and techno producer, and self titled “boss of dirtybird” records is a Detroit native who’s nest is firmly nestled deep within the basslines of San Francisco. 2013 was stellar for Mr. Crenshaw; a year which we have followed eagerly. Not only is he at the forefront of orchestrating one of the biggest electronic music labels in the world, he has also made time to produce and release a new album, Urban Animal. Claude VonStroke’s third original album and the 100th release for dirtybird is indebted to this bold and bestial inner-city lifestyle, but its also a product of its creator; a unique subspecies steeped in that San Franciscan sound, intersecting unknown terrain on instruction of the inimitable dirtybird label boss. Just as Urban Animal’s artwork reconstructs photography of derelict city architecture from Detroit and the Midwest into three compelling animal portraits, so too has Claude VonStroke sampled unexpected sounds from his chaotic working environment to create the ten intriguing tracks that make up his full length composition.The album artwork itself was shortlisted […]

Dada Life

Chaperoning the citizens of Dada Land are Stefan and Ollie, two sweedes who are partial to champagne and banana’s in no particular order, but in mass quantities. Their mission in life was being Born to Rage, and daaaamn do they do it well. Their ethos of “This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. And whatever you do: don’t trust us…” is nothing short of refreshing in an ‘I like my champagne served with a wedge of banana kind of way.’ Having just confirmed another year’s residence at Las Vegas’ Hakkasan nightclub, the citizens of Dada Land have a lot to look forward to this year. The Dada Life web store is an extension of their existing branding, with all items being presented on their trademark bananas. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  



The Dirtyphonics garçons don’t follow rules, they collectively admit in unison that “WE CREATE THEM.” On IRREVERENCE, their debut full-length on Dim Mak Records, the French electronic dance music quartet pens a new playbook for the genre. Merging heavy bass music, drum n’ bass, dubstep, and electro with grimy rock energy, the group — Charly, PitchIn, Pho, and Thomas — can’t be pinned down. However, these pioneers wouldn’t have it any other way. Back from a 40+ gig North American tour with sold out shows across the USA and Canada, Dirtyphonics makes the world theirs by playing the biggest festivals worldwide while writing more genre-breaking music. Their line of merchandise is well thought out, with little details such as woven labels to add that ‘je ne sais quoi’. Whatever they do, they definitively keep it DIRTY. #DIRTYWEAR [ Art Direction ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  

Dirtybird Records

Hatching in San Francisco and led by Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin in 2005, this influential record label is at the forefront of pioneering tech funk beats. With releases from artists such as Ardalan, Breach, Catz ‘n Dogz, Justin Martin, J phlip, Justin J, Kill Frenzy, and Tom Flynn among others, dirtybird has cemented itself as a dance music institution. Futhermore, having held a residency last summer at Sankeys Ibiza the players have taken their now infamous dirtybird parties all over the world, and have been consistent names at some of the worlds biggest and most exciting dance music festivals and events. Chinese Astrology states that this is the year of the horse, but we whole heartedly believe that it is the year of the bird! Stay tuned for the new dirtybird store which we will be launching in the new year. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


The definition of flinch in the oxford dictionary is, “ to make a quick, nervous movement of the face or body as an instinctive reaction to surprise, fear or pain.” That in its entireity embodies the effects of our boy, Los Angeles based beat maker Adam Glassco, aka Flinch’s music. A veteran producer who has progressed effortlessly from his beginnings in drum & bass and then electro, to current endeavors into jump-up and deeper, more melodic synth-based dubstep. The succession of sounds Flinch adheres to reflects a new breed of artists distinguished mostly by his ability to marry a massive, tear-out bassline with a melody that could serenade your grandmother, or create tracks that pair careful grit & distortion with catchy songwriting. There is an undeniable buzz in the bass music world for Flinchʼs recent productions on labels like SMOG and Trouble & Bass records, but most notably the massive “World On Fire,” which has often been championed by Skrillex, 12th Planet, and Datsik and is making a huge impact with audiences worldwide. [ Development  [ Production] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fufillment] [ IP Management ]  

Feed Me

Outrageously bleak but extremely talented, Feed Me, is currently the only monster which we have on our roster. A skilled artist and designer, drum and bass, dubstep, and electro house producer and DJ, Jon Gooch, the man behind the teeth, is more commonly known by his stage names of Feed Me, along with Spor, and Seventh Stitch. With an already established presence on the EDM scene, Feed Me’s recently self released LP ‘Calamari Tuesday’ launches the producer’s new record label Sotto Voce in a seamless manner. When asked to describe his upcoming first full length album release last October in a very serious interview with Dancing Astronaut , Gooch defined it as : “ Like hatching from a gilded Fabergé egg into a bath of warm honey. You move your arms slowly through it like long slumbering Phoenix first beats it wings, and slide down the plughole, unhindered by bones or a tangible form. Instead of a dark tube you find yourself tumbling through a blue kaleidoscope sky of confetti feathers, bouncing from cloud to cloud. You smile as doves peck your tumbling body to pieces and you become a pure sine wave, a golden chalice, a beautiful memory.’ Everything […]

Gareth Emery

Planes, hotels, clubs, repeat. Sometimes he wonders, “Do I travel too much?” We sure hope he doesn’t get sick of traveling. As a Dj in demand across the globe, he continuously, night after night, brightens the world. His bass filled music puts us all in a trance during the darkest of times, and far too often, brings us into another dimension. As a genre breaker, he will play anything with a groove and although some might label him as house, or trance, don’t, because there are no genres for the pure heavenly bliss he plays. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]    

Greater Than

There is something special when two of the most acclaimed DJs and producers in the world team up together and merge both of their worlds into one. In December 2013 Calvin Harris and Tiësto joined forces to create a line up that’s pretty much as big as dance music gets. It was only fitting that the ‘Greater than Tour’ which rightly earned its title, sold out of its 70,000 tickets within minutes. The Arena tour kicked off in Belfast and also steamrolled through Dublin, London and Manchester with two nights Glasgow. [ Art Direction ] [ Cut & Sew Production ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]


Chi Town trio Krewella erupted onto the music scene in 2013, making their ever expanding ‘Krew’ of fans worldwide “Get Wet One Song at a Time.” Made up of vocalist sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf along with producer Kris “Rainman” Trindel, Krewella have been described by Rolling Stone magazine as an act who brings “something of a redemption to the genre,” of electronic dance music. 2013 was a year where we shared the triumph of many milestones for Krewella…their first full length album, ‘Get Wet’ debuted at #8 in the US Billboard charts, they headlined a sold out 55 date U.S. bus tour, a performance on ‘Good Morning America’ along with collaborations with fellow DJs, Hardwell (Alive Remix) and Nicky Romero (Legacy) to name a few. Not to mention the success of their singles ‘Alive’ and ‘Live for the Night’. We work closely with Krewella and their team, aiming to produce exciting items which are consistently on the pulse of electronic dance music and ‘Krewlife’ culture. #KREWLIFE [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


The California native dove into Djing at the young age of fifteen and by seventeen, he was a name. A regular showman at local colleges, he quickly gained the respect and knowledge from the great Dj AM. In 2013, we saw this prodigy’s career take off as he performed at top venues such as the Hollywood Palladium and Pacha Nightclub. Performing at Ultra Music Festival and at TomorrowWorld’s inaugural festival, MakJ’s creative process and diversity will only help him rocket to the top. We invite you to be a part of this entertaining experience as we witness the works of a future great. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]

Markus Schulz

We are happy to welcome the Unicorn Slayer, or better yet known as Markus Schulz. When not bringing in masses to the clubs and festivals, Markus Schulz is busy receiving awards such as “Americas Best Dj” and sitting on “DjMags top 100 Dj’s”. With his fifth studio album:Scream 2 just being released, We hope to grow and further inspire others with new music and merch. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Four Parisian boys with brotherly love. After releasing their 5th studio album ‘Bankrupt!’ to much anticipation in April, Phoenix reaffirmed their status as a household name in 2013. Billed as Coachella’s “breakout kings” by Billboard magazine, the quartet delighted fans with both U.S. and European tours late last year. We work closely with the Phoenix team which allows us to create and produce high quality products that are beyond the stereotype of simply ‘merchandise.’  This is exemplified in our production of limited edition jackets that can be seen on the band in their ‘Trying to be Cool’ music video. Since working with Phoenix, their merchandise line has received write ups in ‘Nylon’, ‘Refinery 29’ as well as being worn by the girls in Haim. [ Cut & Sew Production ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Here at Church of Merch and beyond, Drew Ressler aka Rukes is considered the #1 DJ photographer in the world (named #1 in the “Greatest Music Photographers Right Now” poll by Complex). With natural talent and a lot of practice, he’s been lucky enough to photograph the biggest EDM artists, events and festivals around the globe. His worldwide client list includes deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Zedd, Skrillex, Hardwell, Porter Robinson, Tommy Lee, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Madeon, Dirty South, Dada Life, Krewella, Tiesto, Bassnectar and many more. Along with creating Ruke’s webstore, we co-ordinated and housed a gallery exhibition to launch a limited edition range of art prints, which in turn we produce on demand in a collaboration with POV, our in house sister fine art printing company. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Chris Mercer, more commonly known by his DJ name of Rusko, is a household name as a dubstep music producer and a lovable rogue from Leeds in the UK. From day dot Rusko was surrounded by music as it was instilled as an integral part of his life from a young age . Finding solace in the heavy reggae and dub sound systems of Leeds and London, Rusko brings a highly driven energy and fun approach to the dubstep massive and quickly coined his own take on the genre, turning the scene upside dooown. His sound appeals to many people outside of the dubstep world as his productions are more adventurous in formula, sound and energy. His sound continues to develop with different BPMs that lean to jungle, house, electro and most recently hip hop (seen in the OWSLA release of his ‘Lift Me Up’ EP). Either way, whatever BPM or tempo…you can immediately recognize a Rusko track. His new merch line exists as a nod to the past with quirky elements and references for all Rusko veterans out there, but also embraces all things present. [ Art Direction ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web […]


DJ and producer, Sasha is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative icons of dance music, tearing down boundaries since the beginning of his career. His legacy within the dance music industry is undeniable. Evolving from his early days in the Manchester dance scene with John Digweed, he now has a career which spans decades and has no indication of slowing down anytime soon. Grammy nominated Sasha was notably the first ever DJ to grace the cover in Mixmag in 1991. After a successful summer residency named ‘Never say Never’ at Ibiza’s superclub, Ushuaia and a more recent U.S. tour ,we look forward to launching the official Sasha store very soon. [ Art Direction ] [ Cut & Sew Production ] [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Showtek are Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen, two brothers who live for electronic dance music. What the Dutch duo have achieved with their music is nothing short of phenomenal. Leaving no stone unturned, the brothers have pushed the limit and ventured into the realms of Pop and R&B. Work for Chris Brown and Carly Rae Jensen along with Medina and Jason Derulo have left people captivated by their skills. Their most recent dancefloor banger ‘Booyah’, has won them much acclaim worldwide, with it being recently announced that the boys are going to be playing at Coachella music festival this year. 2014 is their year. Be a part of it. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment [ IP Management ]  

Size Records

From Miami all the way to the UK, a solemn nod from every imaginable avenue has indicated an outstanding factor: Size Matters. A decade of talented artists composed by Steve Angello. [ Web Services ] [ E-Commerce ] [ Fulfillment ]

SMOG Records

12th Planet and his influential SMOG Records crew are kicking off 2014 by bringing the freshest genre-bending bass music across North America with the 38 date SMOG City Tour this January and February. The tour will be showcasing SMOG as America’s taste-making bass label — one that continues to push the frontier of new music and pave new paths. As Mixmag recently noted, “[SMOG] has pioneered dubstep and high-power bass music in America and is one of the genre’s key outposts in the country, breaking new artists and throwing mad parties.” Check out the SMOG store here and keep an ear out for exciting new releases early this year! [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


If you are partial to BASS in any metric shape or form, then the Terravita boys will be music to your bass loving ears! Matt Simmers, Chris Barlow, and Jon Spero are on point right now. Not only are they the components of the successful drum and bass trio Terravita, but they also operate with equal success as the electro-house focused Hot Pink Delorean. While priorities to both can easily switch between projects, the last couple of years the trio have refocused their attention on Terravita’s bassline of drumstep productions and are busier than ever with tour dates, releases, relocations and remixes galore. The only thing that is better than BASS singular is BASS ³ and Terravita have that three times over! [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  

Tommy Trash

Fist in the air and unmistakable locks at large, Australia’s own Tommy Trash is not your stereotypical dance music icon. With an armory of his own carefully created anthems, the man from down under has thrown to one side the clean-shaven image of EDM idols. Outside of his party-hard stage presence, the Grammy Award nominated producer’s approach to mind-blowing music remains as heartfelt as they come. With a host of incredible tracks soon to drop as well as a residency at the brand new Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas and main-stage performances at some of the world’s biggest festivals, 2014 is looking like Tommy’s biggest year yet. It is no wonder the likes of Rolling Stone and MTV have marked him out as ‘One To Watch’. #JUSTTRASHIT [ Art Direction ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Don’t just take our word for it, watch a live performance by Tritonal and you’ll understand what all the hype is about. After making a name for themselves as the up-and-comers to watch, the American production and DJ duo consisting of Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have firmly situated themselves as one of the most electrifying acts in the international EDM scene. Their zest for life and music is apparent to anyone who’s witnessed them in person or through their speakers, and it’s just one reason why they resonate intensely with us along with their loyal followers, “Tritonians.” #TRITONIANSUNITE [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


It would take a long essay to fully explain Umek’s contribution to electronic music. The Slovenian born producer and DJ has been setting trends and rocking dance floors for two decades now, and still shows no signs of slowing down. He’s tirelessly producing techno and tech house bombs, and with more than 100 gigs per year, probably one of the busiest DJs out there. He’s not only been rocking our ears with his own productions for labels like Toolroom, Spinnin, Great Stuff, Intec and many more, but has also been heavily involved in choosing who to sign to his arty imprint 1605, which mostly supports young and talented artists who haven’t yet made it on the global party scene. Stay tuned for the launch of Umek’s webstore early this year! [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]

Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner is another new addition to the Church of Merch congregation. We have developed products for Wolfgang’s webstore along with the collaborative ‘Hounds of Hell’ Tour with our fellow artist Tommy Trash that kicked off across the U.S. last fall. “I have to make something that’s never been made before; have to make the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life – otherwise it gets stagnant or worse,” says producer/DJ Wolfgang Gartner. Amen, Mr. Gartner, Amen indeed. Wolfgang’s legacy as one of the major players within electronic dance music is here to stay. #Weheartwolfie [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


A musicial prodigy from the get-go, Zedd is already a powerhouse beyond the EDM realm. His originality, personality and raw talent has created a momentum which is propelling him into the ranks of superstardom. Zedd’s stellar development is undoubtedly linked to his unique and highly recognizable style of composition. It stands out in a crowded field as meticulously detailed and carefully produced, very playful and at the same time remarkably catchy despite the complex musicality drafting it up. Drawing from his diverse musical background spanning from classical to post-hardcore/metal to electro house Zedd’s music not only draws from uncommon sources but also has the ability to appeal to an audience outside the realm of EDM. We look forward to seeing what is in store for Zedd in 2014. [ Design ] [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  


Originally from a background of more traditional sound engineering, running his own recording studio, recording bands, artists, and gaining a following in America with his solo project “Place Your Bet$”, it wasn’t until he moved to Guildford, UK to study a degree in music production at the ACM that Zomboy discovered a new love for electronic music. Zomboy sites influences such as Skrillex, Reso, Rusko, and Bare Noize as the reason he wanted to dominate the dubstep scene. And dominate he has. His debut EP on Never Say Die Records smashed the beatport charts and was in the top 5 releases of dubstep for over 8 weeks. His tracks have been championed by heavyweights Skrillex, Mista Jam, Flux Pavilion, and ModeStep. [ Development ] [ Production ] [ Tour Support ] [ Web Services ] [ E-commerce ] [ Fulfillment ] [ IP Management ]  
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